NEW RELEASE – nanocosmos Live Video Encoder Version 2.3

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NEW RELEASE – nanocosmos Live Video Encoder Version 2.3

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The new release nanocosmos Live Video Encoder 2.3 is available to our customers

New Features and Improvements for Version 2.3
New: Hardware Accelerated H264 Encoder for Intel QuickSync (HD Graphics)
New: Ad/clip insertion – File Based Streaming / Seemless switch
New: Audio Input Level Meter
New: Dynamic Crop / Region Based Capture
Improved Image Processing: Crop/Resize/ColorConv./Text/Bitmap Overlay
Improved Video-only and Audio-only streaming
Improved CDN compatibility for RTMP Sender and Receiver
Improved RTMP Meta Data Handling

New Features and Improvements for Version 2.1

New: Remote Wowza and Flash Media Server Recording (DVR)
New: MP4 Segmented File Writing
New: MP4 FastStart indexing for VOD streaming
New: Web based video chat example
Improved H264 Quality / Main Profile / Extended Profile
Improved 24/7 Operation
Improved Automatic Network Reconnect
Improved MP4 Recording during RTMP Streaming
Improved RTSP Streamer and Source Filter
Improved Text/Bitmap Overlay
Improved Format Selection / Rescaler
Improved Remote Control
Improved API
Improved Documentation
New: Auto-Adjust / Adaptive Bitrate
New: Bandwidth-Checker
New: Bitrate Statistics
New: Multi-Target RTMP/MP4 Encoding and Streaming
New: AEC support (Audio Echo Cancellation)
New: RTMP Source Filter for MediaPlayer playback (H264, AAC and MP3)
New: RTMP Messaging / Meta Data / Cue Points
New: Automatic Reconnect on Network Errors
New: Support for IP Cams (Axis MJPEG)
New: Audio Level and Mute function
New: Screen Capture Driver for Desktop Sharing
Improved XML Config and Command Line Encoder
Improved RTMP Authentication
Improved Javascript API
Improved Compatibility with Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Improved Event and Error Handling and Logging
Improved Video Mixer and Text/Bitmap Overlay
Improved 3D Stereo Video Mixer
Improved 3D Stereoscopic Player
More Programming Examples for HTML,JS,C,C++,C#,VB,Python, etc.