New! nanoStream 3.2

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New! nanoStream 3.2

We are very proud to announce the nanoStream 3.2 software,
available as Application, SDK, and Web Plugin.

For Encoding and Streaming of H.264, video quality has been improved especially for low bitrate streaming.
Dynamic / Adaptive Quantization and H.264 encoding settings requested by our customers have been added.
You can now stream with tremendous quality with a much lower bitrate than ever before.

Further Improvements:

  • Improved RTMP Streaming (RTMP-T Tunneling, Auto-Reconnect, CDN Streaming, Stability)
  • Improved UDP/TS Streaming (TS System Compatibility, TS Subtitles, Packet Sizes)
  • Improved Screen Capture for Screen Sharing Applications
  • Improved MacOS Web Plugin and Command Line Encoder
  • Improved Remote Control Interface

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