New! nanoStream 3.4 – Live Video Encoder SDK and Browser Plugins

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New! nanoStream 3.4 – Live Video Encoder SDK and Browser Plugins

We are very proud to announce the nanoStream 3.4 software,
available as Application, SDK, and Web Plugin.

Changelog nanoStream 3.4.1:
nanoStream 3.4
Improved SetLog: log rotation
Improved SetLog: GetTemp path
Improved RTMP blocking and bandwidth handling
Improved RTMP network reconnection
Improved RTMP compatibility to HLS / iOS
Improved RTMPT (HTTP / Firewall Tunneling / Proxy)
Improved RTMP authentication for Limelight and Akamai CDN
Improved RTMP Meta Data handling
Improved support for more capture devices
Improved Audio Level callbacks
Improved VideoMixer and Overlay
Improved Screen Capture: Overlapped Windows
Improved Screen Capture: Window selector
Improved Screen Capture: Performance
Improved MXF Readers and Writers
Improved MP4 File Writer for Broadcast Formats
Improved AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)
Improved Web Encoder with Multiple Output Bitrates
Improved live stream sources for RTMP and files
New Plugin Setups including more modules
Fixed some issues and leaks, logging and license handling
Allow screen capture usage without capture driver installation
Fixed UDP Network Sink / Source for Unicast and Multicast
Fixed internal H264 parsing error
New RTMP license handling
New file streaming without recompression
Fixes some logging errors
Improved ICodecAPI for DirectShow filters
New “PiPRegion” configuration for picture-in-picture
New “Mp4ResyncVideoToAudioSamples” configuration
New “SyncSource” configuration
New “VideoPreviewSpecialSources” configuration
New “FrameRateConverter” configuration
New “SkipDriverQuery” configuration
Improved Crossbar handling
Improved Screen Sharing / Regions / Multi-Monitor
Updated MPEG-2 and H.264 codecs

Other platform specific changes
New MacOS dylib framework API
Improved MacOS network reconnect handling
Improved MacOS implementation including screen sharing
New iOS implementation

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