Showcase: Live Music Video Streaming for TV Broadcast

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Showcase: Live Music Video Streaming for TV Broadcast

nanoStream is being used for a Live Music Video Streaming TV Show for, powered by

Based on our nanoStream Toolkit for Windows, we are using a customized encoder software to provide the best possible integration into a Live TV production environment.
The project is a cooperation between nanocosmos, Fernsehwerft Berlin and

Specific requirements were solved with the software solution which not otherwise would have been possible to easily:

  • Live Video Encoding of 2xRTMP Streams (SD and HD), and 5xHLS streams to directly ingest into a broadcast CDN
  • Seemless integration of a Meta Data ingest UI to trigger remote ad-insertions
  • flexible easy-to-user interface with preconfigured streaming setups

    The software is based on the nanoStream SDK, a easy-to-use software toolkit to create live video encoding applications.
    The HLS Encoder is being used in 2 live shows, the songbook series showing live music shows, and the roomservice series.

    nanoStream Live Video Encoder with 5xHLS and 2xRTMP Output

    Live Meta Data Interface

    More information:

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