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nanoStream and Google Chrome

Note: this Information covers the Transition Phase for Chrome 44 to 45. With the availability of nanoStream 4, all newer Chrome Browsers are supported by nanoStream.


In Chrome version 42 introduced in April, 2015, Google changed the default setting for NPAPI plugins like nanoStream from “enabled” to “disabled”. You can re-enable NPAPI support by changing the Chrome Flag for up to Chrome 44.
This setting will be has been removed from Chrome 45 in September 2015, when all NPAPI plugin support from Chrome will be discontinued.

nanoStream Product Options for Web Browsers

All nanocosmos customers will be able to proceed using our nanoStream technology in desktop browser environments. We will
keep providing solutions and updates to our web based live video encoder software along with new browser technologies.

See our separate page for further information about browser plugin, NPAPI, Chrome Extension and WebRTC based live encoding.

Background info about NPAPI Plugins

The NPAPI technology is based on native C/C++ code which enables system-level functions in custom plugins within browser environments. Google considers this a security risk, as it is not “sandboxed” as other technologies. Until now, NPAPI is the only plugin technology available on all browsers and desktop platforms (except Internet Explorer, which is using Active-X).

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Showcase: Live Music Video Streaming for TV Broadcast

nanoStream is being used for a Live Music Video Streaming TV Show for, powered by

Based on our nanoStream Toolkit for Windows, we are using a customized encoder software to provide the best possible integration into a Live TV production environment.
The project is a cooperation between nanocosmos, Fernsehwerft Berlin and

Specific requirements were solved with the software solution which not otherwise would have been possible to easily:

  • Live Video Encoding of 2xRTMP Streams (SD and HD), and 5xHLS streams to directly ingest into a broadcast CDN
  • Seemless integration of a Meta Data ingest UI to trigger remote ad-insertions
  • flexible easy-to-user interface with preconfigured streaming setups

    The software is based on the nanoStream SDK, a easy-to-use software toolkit to create live video encoding applications.
    The HLS Encoder is being used in 2 live shows, the songbook series showing live music shows, and the roomservice series.

    nanoStream Live Video Encoder with 5xHLS and 2xRTMP Output

    Live Meta Data Interface

    More information:

  • Ampya Songbook
  • Ampya Roomservice
  • Fernsehwerft
  • nanocosmos


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    New Meta Data Add-on for nanoStream

    nanoStream Live Encoding Software Platforms now supporting meta data transport injection

    Our nanoStream SDKs, Apps and browser plugins now can be extended for sending any kind of meta data information to streaming server backends and players.
    Based on a simple JSON API, any kind of object can be embedded into live streams.
    Examples are: sending cue points, custom events, ad inserts, any kind of meta data.
    Available in nanoStream Version 3.6 on Windows, MacOS, Desktop and Browsers and Mobile Devices (iOS/Android).

    Contact us to find out more and get a quote.

    Example usage to inject RTMP meta data

  • Sending a RTMP Cue Point

    // { name: cuepoint, time: 0.5 }
    data = ' "name": "name1", "time": "0.5", "type": "type1", "parameters": { "p1": "v1", "p2": "v2" }';
    nanoStream.SendMetadata("onCuePoint", data, "", 0);

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    New Encoding Platform: nanoStream Live Video Encoder for iOS

    We are proud to present nanoStream for iOS, running on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

    Our prototype app can be licensed to OEM and B2B customers from now.

    The iOS implementation uses the built-in H.264 video and AAC audio encoders and the nanoStream RTMP implementation for full compatibility with RTMP streaming environments.

    For an example showcase, see the Live TV event run by Beuth School for Applied Sciences for a complete encoding setup including professional cameras over SDI, ATEM Television studio, and live RTMP streams from iOS (Article in German).

    nanocosmos Products Overview

    Contact us for further information and price quotes.

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    New! nanoStream 3.4 – Live Video Encoder SDK and Browser Plugins

    We are very proud to announce the nanoStream 3.4 software,
    available as Application, SDK, and Web Plugin.

    Changelog nanoStream 3.4.1:
    nanoStream 3.4
    Improved SetLog: log rotation
    Improved SetLog: GetTemp path
    Improved RTMP blocking and bandwidth handling
    Improved RTMP network reconnection
    Improved RTMP compatibility to HLS / iOS
    Improved RTMPT (HTTP / Firewall Tunneling / Proxy)
    Improved RTMP authentication for Limelight and Akamai CDN
    Improved RTMP Meta Data handling
    Improved support for more capture devices
    Improved Audio Level callbacks
    Improved VideoMixer and Overlay
    Improved Screen Capture: Overlapped Windows
    Improved Screen Capture: Window selector
    Improved Screen Capture: Performance
    Improved MXF Readers and Writers
    Improved MP4 File Writer for Broadcast Formats
    Improved AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)
    Improved Web Encoder with Multiple Output Bitrates
    Improved live stream sources for RTMP and files
    New Plugin Setups including more modules
    Fixed some issues and leaks, logging and license handling
    Allow screen capture usage without capture driver installation
    Fixed UDP Network Sink / Source for Unicast and Multicast
    Fixed internal H264 parsing error
    New RTMP license handling
    New file streaming without recompression
    Fixes some logging errors
    Improved ICodecAPI for DirectShow filters
    New “PiPRegion” configuration for picture-in-picture
    New “Mp4ResyncVideoToAudioSamples” configuration
    New “SyncSource” configuration
    New “VideoPreviewSpecialSources” configuration
    New “FrameRateConverter” configuration
    New “SkipDriverQuery” configuration
    Improved Crossbar handling
    Improved Screen Sharing / Regions / Multi-Monitor
    Updated MPEG-2 and H.264 codecs

    Other platform specific changes
    New MacOS dylib framework API
    Improved MacOS network reconnect handling
    Improved MacOS implementation including screen sharing
    New iOS implementation

    See older changes.

    Evaluation download.

    Contact us for a price quote.