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New! nanoStream 3.3 – Live Video Encoder SDK and Browser Plugins

We are very proud to announce the nanoStream 3.3 software,
available as Application, SDK, and Web Plugin.

Changelog nanoStream 3.3.3:
Improved support for Blackmagic based HDMI/SDI capture devices (audio/video selection)
Changed plugin mime type to lower case for better browser compatibility
Fixed Adobe Authentication
Fixed unicode capture device names
Fixed TCP/IP network timeout handling
Improved Adobe AIR Native Extension
Improved Screen Capture (Multi-Monitor, Regions)
Added Web Plugin Samples with html, js, jquery
Sample Grabber Callback for Video Capture
Fix crash during logging
Added “skip file recompression” for streaming compressed files
Added frame rate converter
Added support for streaming mxf source files (basic support)
Improved stability
Improved media type capture device selection

nanoStream for MacOS Version 2.8
Improved command line encoder
Improved MacOS/Cocoa Framework API for SDK
Improved web plugin handling
Improved compatibility to chrome and other browsers
Added audio level control
Improved setup/package installer

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Evaluation download.

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New! nanoStream 3.2

We are very proud to announce the nanoStream 3.2 software,
available as Application, SDK, and Web Plugin.

For Encoding and Streaming of H.264, video quality has been improved especially for low bitrate streaming.
Dynamic / Adaptive Quantization and H.264 encoding settings requested by our customers have been added.
You can now stream with tremendous quality with a much lower bitrate than ever before.

Further Improvements:

  • Improved RTMP Streaming (RTMP-T Tunneling, Auto-Reconnect, CDN Streaming, Stability)
  • Improved UDP/TS Streaming (TS System Compatibility, TS Subtitles, Packet Sizes)
  • Improved Screen Capture for Screen Sharing Applications
  • Improved MacOS Web Plugin and Command Line Encoder
  • Improved Remote Control Interface

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nanoStream Web Encoder Samples

Check out the latest nanoStream Web Encoder samples, running on your Windows or MacOS browsers.

Watch out for more samples soon!



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New nanocosmos / nanoStream Documentation Area

Please checkout our new documentation and FAQ area on our website!

Please click here to proceed.

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How To Use Tunneling for Firewall Protected Streaming Setups

nanoStream3 supports RTMPT, the tunneling protocol of RTMP,
including automatic Proxy detection.

The URL should then be similar to this:


The port should probably be 80, dependent on the corporate firewall and streaming server setup.

Please note that RTMPT Tunneling is a workaround
using the firewall-accepted HTTP protocol.
This requires a protocol overhead, so plain RTMP is preferred.

For using Firewalls, it might work to stream plain RTMP over port 80, like this:


If this fails, use RTMPT.