Berlinale Film Festival 2014 has started

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Berlinale Film Festival 2014 has started

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The Berlinale Film Festival 2014 has started – world’s largest public audience film festival.

Around 500 films with 500000 visitors will be expected this year.

This time, a new online screening system has been introduced, with a browser based DRM system for content protection.

nanocosmos as a long-year technology provider, added their consulting expertise for video encoding and playout, including DRM based online video, and quality checks of DCP based MXF digital cinema material in the pre-screening process.

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Berlinale 2013 – Technical Report

nanocosmos software was again powering the E-Cinema system at Berlinale International Film Festival 2013 and the European Film Market with their improved video coding and playout software.

Based on an upgrade to the Berlinale 2011 and 2012 setup, the ingest and playout software now not only includes high resolution and high bitrate MXF based E-Cinema material, but also H.264 stream based video files for previewing/screening the film material from the Berlinale archive servers. Additional verification tools have been implemented for quality checking video assets including DCP containers.

The E-Cinema ingest and playout applications have been developed by using the nanocosmos Broadcast SDKs for MXF and H.264 encoding and playout.

Again, more than 500 movies have been encoded and encrypted with nanocosmos software, used in playout systems in more than 50 cinemas in Berlin.

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nanocosmos software at Berlinale Film Festival 2011

nanocosmos - berlinale

nanocosmos Informationstechnologien GmbH
successfully provided Berlinale Film Festival 2011 with their electronic cinema software solutions

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nanocosmos GmbH kooperiert mit der Berlinale Filmfestspiele 2011

nanocosmos GmbH, ein führendes Unternehmen im Bereich Video-Software, beliefert die Berlinale Filmfestspiele 2011 mit ihrer Video-Playout- und Encoder-Software


Die nanocosmos GmbH aus Berlin –, ein führendes Unternehmen im Bereich Video-Software – hat in Zusammenarbeit mit der Berlinale Video-Playout- und Encoder-Software entwickelt.

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nanocosmos and CBC / RTL Renewing Partnership for MXF Transcoding

CBC and RTL, one of European largest broadcast and TV production companies and broadcasters, is licensing the nanocosmos MXF and Quicktime Broadcast components and aquiring additional software development services by nanocosmos.

MXF is the major video archiving format used in digital video production. In combination with MPEG based video codecs, it is used for XDCAM-HD and IMX video, 2 major video production video production systems.

“The cooperation with CBC and RTL further improves our technology for tapeless video production systems. Our video codecs prove to be ready for digital archiving and video production in tapeless video studios.” – says nanocosmos CEO Oliver Lietz.